Read on for written testimonials from both prominent musicians and people who have done the program, some telling of the difference it made to their lives.

But before you get there, we’ve got a few recent vids on how the experience has been for some

Oz Rock Legend Russell Morris on the Weekend Warriors concept:

“I don’t really need to give them any advice, because they have already done what they needed to do. They needed to revisit what made them feel really good, which was playing music. They have obviously got spare time on their hands now and can do it with a bit of love.  You have the camaraderie of the other guys in the band.

russellmorrisIt’s like going down to play local cricket. It’s almost akin to playing in the local football or cricket team and you play on the weekend. You do it, then you have a few beers afterwards.

It’s a wonderful experience, a great emotional experience and a wonderful connection with you and your mates, because you feel like a team .. a team that is doing something together, conquering something.

It’s really nice. Better late than never.”

Hit Music Producer Mark Moffatt on the Weekend Warriors Program.

markmoffatt“The Weekend Warriors Program means a lot because many 60s and 70s musicians were held back by the lack of business infrastructure in Australia in that era .

It gives these now recreational musicians the chance to get together and jam and as it leads up to a gig it’s way more than just a fun night out. The fact they get to perform with active and current musicians and artists is a big plus too.”

Mark Moffatt is one of Australia’s most successful music producers now living and working in Nashville. His credits include a long list of groundbreaking records like the Saints “I’m Stranded ” and “Treaty” by Yothu Yindi along with a string of iconic Australian hits including “Friction too much Fraction” by Tim Finn, The Chemistry album by Mondo Rock and many many more.

Charlie Wilson (keyboards – Rihanna + more) on the Weekend Warriors Program.

charliewilson“I’ve spent the last 5 years being exactly this, a Warrior! You name the gigs, I’ve done them, almost every large stadium, in and outdoors, we’ve been there – Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/Loveshow, John Mayer, Rihanna and many more! I can’t even keep up, but one thing I can tell you – a program like the Weekend Warriors in Australia is exactly what it’s all about!
It doesn’t matter what your skill level, instrument or look is, it’s all about the music, that is exactly what I like!

I checked some of these shows out when I was down in Australia. Next time around, I wanna be a coach! I loved the energy and community feel, it was great!”

Charlie Wilson has crafted hits for Duran Duran, Justin Timberlake and more. He has held keyboard duties on the road for said artists, as well as John Mayer, Rihanna and many many more.

And more testimonials for our Weekend Warriors

Hey Dom,

“It was the absolute best way to go through a mid life crisis, without looking like a fool. Ultimately it was the most exciting, exhilarating and best fun I have ever had with a bunch of great people who have become friends for life. I don’t think I could ever relive that moment again, but would sure like to try.”

Dave Doz, (Financial Controller). Silver Hair & Hip Joint.

Hi Dom,

Having the opportunity to play in a band was truly a dream come true for me. Taking guitar lessons is something that I have always wanted to do but did not have the time to until recently. Playing on stage with other more experienced musicians was a dream come true for me and I had the time of my life. It was an experience I will never forget and one which I would definitely like to repeat. I will continue my association with Weekend Warriors and am interested in being involved in any events that are organised in the future. Thankyou to the organisers of this event for the opportunity to be a real muso.

Michael Parfilo, Silverhair Band

Kiln operator by day – Rock Star by night


“What an experience … the crowd was magic …. we rocked ….met great people, learnt heaps, met some very talented musicians ……you cannot beat an opportunity like this …. for all future warriors: don’t hesitate…. just do it, have FUN and PERFORM you only live once”

Miriam Hunter / Senior Consultant /Department of Human Services (better known as “Our very own legend rock bass chick Charlie” ….. “The Who …are we” and “Lost Chords”).


Hi Dom,

What a great experience, and one I highly recommend to anyone.

Before getting on stage I was pretty nervous about playing in front of family and friends, but as soon as I got a couple of chords played I was off and having an absolute blast. I had always wanted to play in a band but never had the courage to get up on stage.

I did, it felt good, and it rocked. It was a hugh buzz! It was great to see the whole crowd dancing and singing along with all the bands and having a great time. (|That’s what it’s all about) Afterwards we received compliments from complete stragers as well as family and friends. If the next round of weekend warriors needs a guitarist let me know.

Kind Regards

Tom Hunter

Boxing and Martial Arts Compliance Officer, Office for Recreation and Sport

Rhythm Guitar (part-time lead guitarist) “Lost Chords”

Dear Paul,

I can highly recommend the Weekend Warriors program having undertaken the 2011 sessions and final gig. Being an over-50’s long-term Bass guitar “learner” I was hesitant to register not knowing what was ahead with the fear of making myself look stupid in the company of accomplished musicians. However the support from our musical mentor Paul Christie, the Allans Music/Billy Hyde Alexandria store manager Marc Watson and his staff, and fellow WW participants, those fears were soon set aside.

The whole point of the Weekend Warriors program is to learn and grow. Sometimes it’s hard to do that just struggling by yourself, but the program helps you connect with other musicians of all levels in an open environment where knowledge is shared and applied to achieve a goal.

The program has given me the confidence that you can learn whatever your age and pushed me over that hurdle that said “I can’t do it” that has held me back for years. It’s also amazing that in 4-5 weeks with the support of our mentor and Allans Music/Billy Hyde’s staff, a motley crew of throw-togethers can be brought together, build some teamwork, give a commitment to get better and eventually play together.

I’m sure the satisfaction and joy of making music will have spin-offs into other areas

of our lives as well. I see it as just the start of clawing back that big bundle of

potential we all were, when we were young. So don’t hesitate, do the WW program!


John Duncombe

Hi Paul,

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!! Let the arse kissing begin!

But seriously , I haven’t had so much fun in years ( 25 to be exact ). My mate Mark Bloomfield ( Random Harvest ) and I started jamming again a year ago so we came along to the program to meet some more guys to jam with, LOOK WHAT HAPPENED !

At first we were disappointed that we weren’t in the same band and that I wasn’t playing drums, LOOK WHAT HAPPENED ! Not only did we meet and play with twice as many talented people but I got to do something that I probably would never have done if I stayed behind the kit, become a lead singer! This was so much fun and such a great new experience , not like the old days being stuck up the back behind the “MUSICIANS”.

You guys and this program are the greatest thing to ever happen for us dinosaurs who don’t have the opportunity that we had in the old days. Thank you Paul for your guidance, wisdom, experience and faith for turning me into a “ROCK STAR”. Thank you Marc for all your efforts , time , support and the opportunity to showcase our musical talents.

The guys in “SWEAT” are keen to keep going and we are rehearsing next week at Sound Level. Where we go from here is unknown but we are all better musicians for the experience and we have all made some great new friends as well. We were all so incredibly happy and proud of our performance and we had so much fun doing it. I’m even contemplating doing the Mona Vale Warriors if the timing isright as a front man, drummer or whatever!

As for the suggestions that are floating around for a get together Xmas party, jam or whatever, COUNT ME IN !!!

Hope to see you soon,


Video of the week

Melbourne guitar show