Store Support

Our host stores are committed retailers looking to grow the number of active music makers in the community. They are members of the Australian Music Association.

They value good customer relationships, and therefore provide quality instruments and specialised service to Warriors from sign up to Big Gig and for the rest of a Warrior’s musical journey.

Show your Warriors Club membership when you visit our host stores. It affords special status.

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Our Program

Thousands of fellow Australian Musicians have experienced the buzz that is live performance and musicians’ camaraderie through the Weekend Warriors program.

Many bands and musicians go on to perform professional gigs; many soothe loneliness or other troubles; and many get to fulfil a dream.

The Weekend Warriors Program is a safe, non-judgemental, encouraging and inspirational place in which to rediscover the music in you, or discover it for the first time playing with others – after all playing with others is what it’s all about.

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Our Coaches, Your Mentors

Weekend Warriors, as well as providing quality gear and facilities, is run by professional people.We are all musicians too.

Your program mentors are from among the crème-de-la-crème of Australian Rock Music history. They know what it takes to get onstage. They teach, guide, organise and empathise.

They include members of great Aussie bands like Rose Tattoo, Mondo Rock, The Runners, INXS, Stylus, Little River Band, and more.

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